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If you’re familiar with Queens, then you probably know about the Astoria Neighborhood. Astoria, New York, is the most popular and most in-demand area to live in Queens, NYC. Why do you ask? Because Astoria has a lot to offer. From the plush and stunning Astoria Park to the 30th Ave and Broadway, to the lined streets in Ditmars, there is so much to appreciate and so much to see in Astoria!

Emergency Numbers:


  • Crime Prevention
    • 718-626-9324
  • Domestic Violence
    • 718-626-9316
  • Detective Squad
    • 718-626-9334



  • Pediatric Urology
    • 718-224-26
  • Urology
    • 718-520-0028

Wildlife in Astoria, New York

If you need a break from work or other people, why not try and check out the wildlife in Astoria? NYC Parks Department created an interactive map and calendar wherein it tells you what species you can visit – when and where in the city. NYC has more than 600 species of wildlife, which anyone of you can witness all year round.
NYC Park Department officials also said that most of NYC’s wildlife is not dangerous; you have to maintain a safe distance at all times – for your safety as well as that of the animals. They also mentioned that if you see an injured animal, leave them where they are, and call 311, and if you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Pests in Astoria, New York

Today, more people are into doing it themselves – checking out videos online and reading articles that would help them determine if and when they have an infestation. But did you know that the best skill that a do-it-yourself should learn is whether or not it is time to call in for back-up?

The exterminators will determine what pest has invaded your space when you discover an infestation in your home or building. After inspection, they decide what treatment or technique will be done, inform you of their plans, and estimate cost.

Pests that are ravaging homes and commercial buildings in Astoria are the following:

Where to Buy Pesticides in Astoria, New York

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Pest Control

When it comes to residential pest control, you contact your pest control service when there is an evident infestation or even when you doubt that you have one. The pest control will make the necessary inspection to guarantee that your home will remain pest free. When comparing this to a commercial setting, which can get a bit complicated, there are many things to consider when doing commercial pest control.

Commercial pest control has to be less disruptive and should be done asap. When customers or clients spot rats or cockroaches in your establishment, this could mean health inspection fines or even worse, bad reviews which will make your business close up. Commercial buildings vary depending on the business involved – whether in retail, healthcare, food service, etc.

Fundamentally, residential and commercial pest control is similar, minus the variations that we have mentioned above. Some companies only do residential, others just commercial, and then some do both. Choose a company that has experience doing custom treatment plans.