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Bird Control

No one can deny the beauty of the presence of birds, however, sometimes they may pose a significant health threat similar to nuisance rodents. Unwanted birds on your Brooklyn residential or commercial property can contaminate your home or facility leading to business losses and an increased risk of disease transmission that often accompanies a bird infestation. Excessive bird droppings will cause an area to become a health hazard and highly unsanitary and will also damage the outer finish of a residential or commercial building. Our Environmental Pest Management services provide comprehensive and customized bird pest control programs that specifically deal with the damage brought on by nuisance bird wildlife in your area.


Methods for Bird Control

Our Environmental Pest Management specialists begin with a thorough inspection of your home or business property to assess and accurately identify the problem and then formulate precise plans for safe yet effective removal. Our licensed bird control experts provide long term pest control solutions that include precise nesting and shelter modifications or the professional installation of exclusion devices that prevent nuisance birds from accessing your Brooklyn property. Both humane and effective, Environmental Pest Management will apply the most appropriate solution to rid your property of unwanted wildlife that may also include predator/prey solutions devised by our trained pest control experts.

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Nuisance Birds We Remove

Sparrows and Starlings

Some of the most common pest birds are found in Brooklyn. These birds typically search for hiding and nesting spaces under commercial signage, gutters, and close to any waste and food source areas and can cause significant damage and health hazards.

A nuisance in both rural and urban regions of Brooklyn, starlings nest in trees and gutters and forage boldly for food on farmland, public parks, and restaurant and food industry trash areas. Associated with building structural damage starling droppings are also reported to produce a fungus linked to certain diseases.


The Feral Pigeon is found in most major cities throughout North America. Linked to the spread of diseases such as Salmonella, West Nile Virus, Avian Flu, and other life threatening conditions, pigeons also provide a means for other pest infestations as carriers of lice, ticks, mites, and fleas.

Bird Control Methods

  • Exclusion netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Trapping
  • Visual deterrents
  • Eco-friendly and human bird removal


These noisy fowl are also among the range of birds classified as pests and can invade and damage buildings, fence areas, and large poles. They are, however, federally protected and subject to pest control according to strict federal laws. Contact a licensed bird pest control specialist before taking any action.

Several species of birds are protected under strict Brooklyn laws. Killing and capturing these birds, or destroying or removing their nests may be prohibited. Our Environmental Pest Management Services is licensed to provide decontamination and bird control services that pose a threat to your residential or commercial property in Brooklyn.

Pigeon Facts A single pigeon produces up to 25 lbs. of droppings annually and there are over 400 million pigeons worldwide, Pigeons and starlings have been associated with several aircraft collisions.