How dangerous are Scorpions?

Scorpion stings are generally non lethal but they are venomous. Common side effects include numbness, pain, and swelling around the area. In a more serious case, vomiting and breathing trouble can occur. Children and the elderly are more likely to have severe reactions.

What type of place scorpions like?

Scorpions live in very dry climates. But they are very sensitive to the loss of moisture from their body. They hide during the day in shady locations. Scorpions often find their way inside through pipe drains which is why they are often found in the kitchen or bathroom.


When scorpions become a problem, contact our pest control professionals for safe and efficient removal of scorpions in your property. Our pest management professional will inspect your property and provide services and recommendations that will address what is needed to minimize scorpion problems.

Things you need to know when you have been stung by a scorpion

  • Your age and health is a factor. Children and elderly may experience severe¬† effects. If you have a weak immune system better go to the hospital right away.
  • Know your symptoms. Some are mild symptoms like swelling and numbing but if its in a severe case like vomiting and sweating seek medical assistance right away.
  • If your experiencing mild symptoms you can wash the area with soap and water, apply cool compress on the area and take some pain relievers.
  • Determine the kind of scorpion that stung on you.There are different types of scorpions and some are less dangerous.