Termites Pest Control

Termites can cause significant structural damage to homes and businesses with a single colony consuming up to a pound (half a kilo) of wood each day. As social insects that establish large colonies fairly quickly, both the male and female termite feed on wood and continually work to build a nest for their eggs. The presence of termites, particularly in the spring, often indicates that a colony is well established in the near vicinity. Termites prefer decaying wood and despite causing significant damage, they often leave a physical effect that at first appears to render wood as smooth and clean. Our pest control experts are experienced at identifying and ridding any Manhattan home or business from the threat of termites and protecting your property from the significant harm caused by a termite infestation.

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How to Get Rid of Termites

Following an inspection of all entry points and any areas where dry wood may be present, our pest control experts formulate a planned approach that may involve chemical applications to act as a barrier between the termite colony and the wood of your building or structure. Soil trenching in and around the foundation combined with specialized injections are among the various pest control methods customized precisely for properties with termite infestations in Manhattan.

Check for Termites Before Buying or Selling Your Propert

Our team provides pest control assessments and other services to Manhattan real estate agents that facilitate smooth transactions. Schedule a thorough inspection with a licensed and experienced pest control specialist before buying or selling property Manhattan. If you suspect you have a problem with termites in the Manhattan region or are planning to buy or sell your home, call us now for more information and a free assessment.

Quick Tips for Preventing a Termite Infestation:

  • Avoid letting moisture accumulate near the foundation of your property
  • Address excess humidity problems in crawl space areas
  • Do not store firewood and other wood products near the foundation of your home
  • Contact a Manhattan pest control expert immediately if you suspect termites have established a colony on your property

Termite Facts

  • Termites have a history from 250 million years ago.
  • According to the National Pest Management Association, over 5 billion dollars in damages are attributed to termite infestation in the U.S alone, each year
  • Colony queens can live up to 25 years and are capable of laying an egg every 15 seconds
  • Termites have been known to chew through lead, mortar, plaster, and even asphalt when foraging for food
  • Termites are found in every state except Alaska