Rodent Pest Control

Do you have a problem with rodents in your home or at your place of business?

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Identifying an Ant Infestation

Our Environmental Pest Management services provide safe and effective mice and rat removal at your home or workplace in Queens.
Mice and rats can squeeze through small spaces and quickly take over any location. Rodents breed rapidly and transmit bacteria and disease just as fast. Even if you have not actually seen a mouse, tiny rod-shaped black droppings found near baseboards or food storage areas are often reliable indicators that rodents have invaded your premises in Queens.

Residential and commercial rodent pest control is essential to preserve your quality of life and business reputation in Queens. In addition to protecting health and peace of mind at home, we provide rodent inspections and maintenance services are recommended for:

  • Hotels and hospitality outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Academic institutions
  • Food processing plants
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It is best not to handle a problem with rodents on your own. Although there are many do-it-yourself methods for controlling rats and mice, these homespun pest control solutions are often insufficient to eliminate a problem that can quickly develop from a few critters into a full-blown rodent infestation. If you suspect that rodents have invaded your location in Queens, contact our pest control professionals t for safe, efficient, and permanent removal of rats, mice, or other vermin.

Rodent Control and Clean Up

Our licensed pest removal experts begin with a thorough inspection of your location to identify where rats and mice are hiding. Discreet and professional, our Environmental Pest technicians provide free assessments at any Queen’s business or residential location and devise customized plans for rodent control as well as follow-up maintenance and cleaning services to remove bacteria-ridden fecal matter and urine. Contact a rodent control expert in Queens for a free consultation and for answers to any pest control questions you may have.

As part of a strategic and comprehensive pest control plan, focus on improvements in the following areas to keep rodents away:

  • Install door sweeps to effectively keep pests from scurrying into your facility
  • Inspect and clean drains. Lingering food particles in moist areas attract pests. Make sure drains are thoroughly cleaned regularly
  • Ensure that trash and recycling bins are emptied regularly and have self-closing and tight-fitting lids to keep rodents and other wildlife away
  • Inspect roofs for possible pest infestations and to repair any possible rodent entry points including skylights and deteriorated gutters
  • Manage moisture properly. Pests are attracted to humid environments. Industrial grade fans help to eliminate moisture once a facility is cleaned for the night

Clearing up Myths about Mice

Cats or dogs may hunt a mouse for sport, but cannot control rodent infestations
Mice do not necessarily like cheese. The best bait for mice is peanut butter, chocolate, and meats.
It is rare for only a single mouse to take up residence at any home or facility.
Mice reproduce rapidly with a single female producing up to 60 offspring each year.