Many signs indicate a cockroach infestation. You will normally notice the signs first than spotting the actual pest. They are mainly nocturnal and prefer to stay hidden during the day in cracks and crevices. The majority of the feeding is done at night. If you suspect you have a roach problem, you must contact a cockroach pest control company right away. If you begin to notice any of the below infestation signs, you may have a problem.


Dark droppings are typically left behind by cockroaches. They will appear to be similar to black pepper or ground coffee. The length of these droppings will vary but are usually less than 1mm in width. You should be careful cleaning them up if you do find what appears may be roach droppings. Bacteria are easily spread through their droppings since they will eat anything. Their digestive systems contain pathogens from the food that they have eaten.


Yes, cockroaches do lay capsules that contain many eggs. Each species of cockroaches contain different types of eggs. For example, the German cockroach’s capsules consist of about 18 segments. The brown-banded cockroach on the other hand contains about only 8 segments. Most roach species drop their capsules right away, whereas the German cockroach carries it around before it hatches. Once hatched, it releases roughly 30 very small nymphs.

Smear Marks

If you notice what appears to be smear marks along the walls in your home, you need to call in pest control. Cockroaches will leave dark, and abnormally shaped marks in areas with increased levels of moisture along the walls. These marks may also be found in places where they rest. They are most commonly found on horizontal surfaces and where they are most active at wall-floor junctions.

Dead or Shed Skin

Cockroaches do shed skin as they increase in size and go through various stages in their lifecycles. They normally shed skin between 5-8 times. You will notice the dead skins of different sizes around your home or even business if cockroaches are indeed present.

Property Damage

As stated above, cockroaches literally will eat anything they come across. Another sign that you need to call in pest control is if you notice chew marks or other damage on more than just packages of food. Leather and pages of books are normally eaten through by cockroaches as well.


Feces are always left behind wherever cockroaches live and rest. As a result, these feces produce an odor that attracts other roaches. You may notice it as an unpleasant smell that tends to be musty. The scent will become intense as the infestation increases. This results in more surfaces and items becoming contaminated.

Where Cockroaches are Found

Cockroach infestation location is very important. This will help you to identify where they may be found living and if they have indeed invaded your home. Some roaches prefer humid areas while others prefer cooler areas. They are normally found in:

  • Bathrooms- directly behind the bathroom cabinets. They are specifically attracted to toiletry products that may have been sitting for a while. You may also find them hiding in medicine cabinets in your bathrooms. You should also check behind the toilets, and sinks as they prefer dark spaces that give them easy access to water. Toilet paper and even soap residue are typically eaten by roaches.
  • Kitchens- skim through cabinets and cupboards, and take a look under the sinks and dishwashers. They may be found hanging upside down inside your cupboards. Appliances offer them warmth and may be found in crevices within your fridge and even freezer. Microwaves, toasters, and blenders attract cockroaches as well.
  • Laundry rooms- where plumbing passes through the floors or walls that lead to laundry equipment are typically where roaches like to hide.
  • Basements- look along the base of the walls for any small spaces where cockroaches can easily squeeze through. Baseboards or floor cracks make perfect hiding places. If you have an infestation in your basement, you will notice newspapers and cardboard eaten if they have been stored for a long period.
  • Drains- such as Oriental roaches can live in cooler and drier areas. Check around your pipes and see if you notice any crevices and cracks. Roaches tend to hide in these areas. If you notice any drain covers that are damaged, it is time to call in cockroach pest control.

You have a big problem on your hand if you notice any of the above signs inside your home or even business. Cockroach infestation signs are normally not difficult to spot. The sooner you hire a pest control company, the quicker you can get rid of your cockroach infestation.

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