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Fear of Spiders: Part of our Evolution

Spiders crawl in through open windows, doors, cracks, and crevices to look for food and make their nests inside your home or workplace while most species of spiders in and around Manhattan do not pose a serious health threat, more people have an aversion, and in many cases an actual phobia, of this particular pest over any other. A spider infestation can be troublesome and even frightening for many individuals which may be due in part, to their unsightly appearance and physical similarity to the dangerous scorpion. Recent research conducted at Columbia University indicates that our fear of spiders – a condition known as “arachnophobia” – is actually rooted in our DNA. According to the study, during the natural evolution of humans on the planet, most of the spiders encountered long ago were venomous and a threat to our survival. Spiders are still intensely disliked today and usually require professional assistance from a pest control expert when they have invaded our home or workplace.

Our environmental pest management team uses safe and effective treatments that eliminate spiders and prevent recurring infestations on your property in Manhattan.

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Eliminating Spiders in Manhattan

Since spiders are natural predators and other insects serve as their main source of sustenance; reducing the spider’s food supply through strategic pest control methods is recommended for effective control of other pests. Experienced Environmental Pest technicians apply an integrated pest management plan to eliminate spider infestations. This includes the implementation of preventative measures, practical tips for improved sanitation, and controlled applications of specific pest control products in targeted areas to ensure that spiders do not return or settle in on your property in the first place.

Free Assessment for Pest Management at Your Location in Manhattan

We provide customized plans designed specifically for any pest control problem at your home or business in Manhattan. Contact an experienced pest management professional for a free assessment and inspection to controls spiders.

H2 Environmental Pest Management pest control services to eliminate spiders include:

  • Indoor and outdoor pest control treatments
  • Seasonal inspections throughout the year
  • Customized pest control plans and maintenance programs
  • Green pest control plans
  • Free pest control consultation in the Manhattan region

Keeping Spiders Away from Your Manhattan Property

  • Remove a spider’s food source by limiting the presence of other insects
  • Seal cracks in foundations and caulk windows and doors to prevent spider entry
  • Trim bushes and trees close to your property
  • Declutter closets, basements attics, and garages
  • Wash and hose off spider webs promptly present on the outside of your property


Interesting Spider Facts

  • Spiders are found on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Approximately one million spiders inhabit one acre of land with up to 3 million in tropical regions. It is estimated that we are never more than 10 feet from a spider!
  • The deadliest spiders include the black widow, funnel web, and brown recluse spiders. Interestingly, the tarantula is the most feared but has surprisingly weak venom.
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